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Circles table data visualization plugin

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Small javascript table graph generator

by Vlad Moldoveanu

circletable screenshot

Include jquery and circleTable.min.js or circleTable.js in the header section of your page and create a new instance of circleGraph: `circle = new circleGraph( { containerDiv : 'graph', width:650, height:350, data: datar, color:'#2c80cc', stroke: '#ffffff', strokeWidth: 1, leftMargin:30, topMargin:10, textColor: '#ffffff', logScale: true })`

Attributes Type Description
containerDiv string name of the svg container div
width number table width (total width will be the sum of width and leftMargin value)
height number table height (total height will be the sum of width and topMargin value)
data array multi-dimensional data array. Must be in the form [[y legend1, y legend2 etc],[xLegend1, value1, value2, etc],[xLegend2, value1, value2 etc]]
color hex circles fill color.
textColor hex circles value font color
stroke hex circles stroke color.
strokeWidth number circles stroke width.
leftMargin number x axis legend margin
topMargin number y axis legend margin
logScale boolean enable logarithmic scale for large scale values